Very sad😥😌😌….

Actually, very sad story about my Kitty. She has a pregnant last few days. She is very naughty. Everyone’s are love her too much.

Kitty has delivered her babies middle at the night. When we woke up, small small baby kitties were everywhere. But her mom were not there. We were also helpless for baby kitties. Kitty has gone away any where. She is not come back for 2-3 days. Baby kitties were loudly do the sounds in their voice. They have not drink yet any sip of milk. Them condition is very poor,very low chances to live. We were trying to feed them using cotton ball,deep in milk. But that not works. After one day 2 kitties are pass away also remain 1 was their next day pass away. Yet, them mom was not coming. We were hating the kitty. Why she not accept their childs? She has first time delivery. So didn’t understand the how to manage all.

So many question are in our mind. How could you face for it?? What is the mistakes of babies kitties?? Why destiny happened these all incident?? Just we didn’t know why?? It’s just touch to my heart. It’s very bad when happened with any babies. Mother is very sensible part of our life. Really god gives us ,very prescious gift to us . But why kitty do this?? Actually also ahe have not face her situation. Hopes so, her next time she will be more capable for her 2nd delivery.

Are you see these same situation in their home??

Thanks you guys!!

Have a nice day💐💐……


Only Kids….

Hey guys…. Getting to much boared !!! Let’s tell you about new things.

Again and again,watching cartoons, movies. Also all characters like Bheem, Doremonn, Chinnchaan, chutaki ,motu patallu and so on. Also discovery kid channel available on television set. Kids are also enjoying the you tube kids.

In my parents generation’s no any cartoons and movies. Lot of rare in televisions sets and also digitals mobiles. That time, story was telling by grandma and Grandpa. All kids are enjoying the story. That time bed time story is very famous. If some one child didn’t sleep that time telling story to sleep.

Now days,my kids are listening the stories bu using story tel. Enjoying the stories too much. Also tell theirs grandparents. Watching cartoons not good for eyes but listening more stories able to brain thinking power and stable mind. Hopes so guys you also download the app for all family membrane.

So enjoy the book reading rather listening….

Thank you so much……


Book Review#4

आनंदाचे एटीम… या पुस्तकात बँकेत काम करताना सामजिक बांधिलकी कशी जपली गेली ते अगदी सहज सांगितलं आहे. आपण एखादी गोष्ट ठरवल्या प्रमाणे ती पूर्णत्वास कशी आणली जाते याच छान सारदारीकर केलं. प्रत्येकवेळी विनोदाने वातावरण अगदी हास्यास्पद होऊन जातंय. कोणत्या वेळी कोणाला कस हाताळायचे ,अगदी च कोणाचं कौतुक करायचे किंवा एखाद्याला त्याच्या अडचणी बदद्दल आपुलकीने विचारपूस केल्यानंतर होणारे आपुलकी चे संबंध जोडले जातात.


आपल्या वापरात येणारे सगळ्यात नेहमीचे शब्द म्हणजे sorry, thanks. आपण एखाद्या बद्दल आभारी असणे, कृतज्ञा असणे. Sorry, हा शब्द महत्त्वाच्या 2 वेळी वापरायचे,तो कसा त्यांनी अगदी छान पणे सांगितलेले आहे. ज्यावेळी आपली चूक असते त्यावेळी खरच sorry म्हणायचे . 2 वेळी म्हणजे नातेसंबंध टिकवण्यासाठी, ज्यावेळी आपल्या sorry म्हण्याने समोरच माणूस शांत होणार असें तर पण त्यावेळी आपली चूक नसताना पण केवळ नात टिकवण्यासाठी sorry म्हणणे. काहीवेळेस काही माणसे खूप रागात असतात,आणि खूप बडबड करतात. अशा वेळी त्याच म्हनने न रागावता ऐकून घेणं आणि त्यांना अजून बोलून रिकामे करण म्हणजे त्यांचं बोलून झाले की ते एका पॉईंट ला आपल्याला नक्की सल्ला विचारतात,तेव्हा तुम्ही बोला.

तोंडावर नेहमी गोड बोलणं आणि रागावर नियंत्रण असले की आपोआप आपण आनंदी राहतो. अपल्यासभोवतालची माणसे जेवढी आनंदी तेवढे आपण जास्त श्रीमंत असतो.

Thanks a lot… Keep reading bloging…..


Book Review#3



What’s real nature🤔…

I am just thinking too much faces of peoples. Which one are the real nd which will be fake. It’s very difficult to judge.

But actually I don’t want to judge any one. Just i want to ask them,how you done yaar all things?? Every ones know their own behavior,their own activity. Then they don’t feel like shameless otherwise guilt.

I will telling you some my own experiences. I m going to my friend’s home. That time some function is arranging for the wedding. Every one was working very gracefully. Every ones were busy and doing anything in front of them. But some group of ladies are just sitting and enjoying their moments. But actually that time was not enjoy periods. Because so many work to do. Then why they were not helping us. I just click,i feel shame on them.

How could you do this? We need them helps . But they didn’t care for anything. Just eating and sleeping. No one can said them. Please do some work. Help us to our hands.

Just i am hating those peoples. Which are very relaxing and enjoy their owns.

This is not fair. Why them not like to do work?? Why them not feel like guilt?? Are the really arrogantly?? Have they manners?? How could you??

After sometime,simple i quiet. Then I feel they have no helping mind. Those people are very selfish in their world. Non of business to others. They are only centered.

What they earn?? Everyones are blaming them. They have no idea of situation.

Are you face this people’s around you?? What you think about them??


Best thought…..

Whenever you feel lonely… Start enjoying the company most wonderful person on the earth….. “You”

© Sandip Maheshwari.


Corona gives me……

Yes, overall corona gets madly spread. So lockdown periods were going on. Why corona not spreading stop?? Also bad news, oxford’s vaccine is quiet to testing in 3rd stage. All hopes are collapse like playing card’s bungalow. It’s too much horrible to us. But let’s see future,which is always better than past. Every end of the night,morning comes with full of glories and charmful.

I just leave my home at March. When just lockdown start and still the end we are at away from our city. Total period is too much horrible to me. I never be live at village site. I can’t see the beauty of village. Just in my mind I want to go at any cost in city. But after sometime i understand myself. I control my anger, i try to understand the pandemics. I just want not live in village. But really i can live in the close door for the still 7 th month. It’s not possible with my 2 kids. After I am trying to adjust for village side. Trying to new things. Just i try to change my world which collapse by Covid-19.

I share you,something what I do in lockdown. Firstly, i’m very thankful to God that God’s keep my family safe and healthy.

I’m trying to understad the village life and their people.

Trying to do new things….

More understanding to relations and relatives……

Also most crazyful for me,driving……

Also oil plaster painting……

Newly start blogging…..

Listening more books on story tel……

Renewly continue the yoga……

Also I want to do more new things. I don’t know when I come back at my home. But still, i learn to live present with me more. Instead of angriness and nervousness. Hopes these days are pass away as possible as and coming with as new inning of everyone’s life. Also take positive to our lives.

Stay tuned,stay connecting……



Why this come again & again……

Just because of corona…..

I just hate corona……

Too much painful these days….

Nothing see any rising signs…..

Everywhere just darkness….

I want to go at least my home………

I can’t more live at village….

Just getting too much irritable……

Why this Corona…..

Please Go corona, Go corona……

Never come again, never come again…..